Radeon 9550 Clock Speed

I have a Gecube R9550U-C3H. When I read in the magazines or computer tabloids, the core and memory clock of the Radeon 9550 was 400. But my 9550 core clocked at 419MHz and the memory clock is just 196MHz. Is something wrong at my VGA? Please explain.

Your core (400 Mhz) is generally the standard clock from ATI. VGA manufacturers sometimes deliberately raise or lower clock with performance and stability reasons. And it seems the clock is still OK. Moreover, its core clock is above standard, right?

For the memory clock, the VGA could also be on display as the original clock, not DDR. So 196MHz x 2 = 392 MHz. Dont misunderstand. This is still normal.

Then why is 196MHz not 200MHz? In the end it depends on the quality of the memory chip on your VGA card. If the one you got is at 196MHz, others can get a 203MHz, 210MHz or alias the memory clock is at 420MHz DDR.

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