Notebook VGA's performance

• Can the notebook's graphics card upgrade? My notebook is currently using VGA Intel 965 chipset built the GMA X3100. It was an onboard VGA that is not so powerful. Said can share memory up to 384MB, but the fact is only 32MB. When I use to play the game Age of Empire III course, it looks very slow, and broken impressed. And my notebook processors from Core 2 Duo series.
• Could a VGA card that can plug in the Express Card slot is now widely available on the notebook?
• Is there any software that can be used to manage shared memory for VGA GMA X3100 graphics?

In general, notebook is not designed to play 3D games. if they want to play games in notebooks, some notebook manufacturers such as DELL, MSI, Asus, and others have set up a notebook that is equipped with high-end graphics card that can run heavy games. And not using chipsets like the GMA X3100 graphics which is not intended for playing games. Here's the answer to your question:
• graphic cards on notebooks are generally permanent and can not be removed. Certain notebook that provides a Mini PCI or Mini PCI Express slot and can be fitted with a Mini PCI-based card or Mini PCI Express WiFi cards, modems, LAN, sound card, etc., including graphics cards. However, especially in the market availability is scarce and limited. Some time ago Asus has also announced an external VGA products that can be used by the XG Station notebook using a USB interface, but this product is still not available in the market. Similarly ekstrenal graphics solution from MSI.
• None yet. If the external VGA is so outstanding, one of the variant might be able to take advantage of the Express Card slot.
• Usually VGA shared memory size can be changed through the BIOS options.

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