Upgrading my PC

I have a computer at home that is rarely used. I want this computer can be used to edit videos from camcorders plus playing games such as F1 2000, MotoGP, and others. For information, the computer's specifications is as follows:
• ECS K7S5A Motherboard
• AMD Athlon XP processor 1700 +
• Memory 256MB SDRAM Visipro
• VGA S3 Trio 4MB (This plan would replace ane)
• 80GB Seagate Harddisk

The board supports SDRAM and DDR. Which one is the better? The board also supports AGP 4x and I want to upgrade my S3 Trio graphic cars. With an inexpensive AGP card. Any suggestion?

SDRAM is already expensive at the moment. If you still can find any. It's better for you to use the DDR.

If you want to edit videos, you need a big RAM capacity and fast processor. The Athlon that you have now is a bit sluggish for video editing software.

I understand that S3 Trio AGP 2x, which may be used motherboard supports AGP 2x/4x so it would not matter that VGA fitted.

It's better for you to do a major upgrade, because the upgrade options you have is limited and actually just a waste of money.

But if you still want to do it, go for Radeon 9550, GeForce 5200 or a 6200 AGP, for example.

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