Same memory but not working

I just upgraded the memory of my PC. Earlier in the existing computer, the memory Visipro brand with PC-3200 DDR 512MB. When upgrading, I bought something similar. But, instead of dual channel, I dont even get any display at the monitor after new memory installed. When I install them separately, the system runs normal with any of them. The problem I got is only when the memory is paired together.

Even with the same brand, chipset and its configuration must be seen first. To check the specifications of the memory chips installed, look at the code at the memory's IC.

Installation of the modules also affects whether or not dual-channel feature will available. Usually the configuration is a slot 1 to slot 3 or slot in and slot 4, could also between slot 1 with slot 2 and slot 2 and slot 3. Check the motherboard's manual.

If the problem is still occurs, exchange the old memory with the same. After all, lifetime warranty and DDR Memory PC-3200 is also still in circulation even though the amount is not too much.

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