PC crashes while playing games

Why is it my PC always crashes especially if I play games on it for a few hours. For your information, here is my PC's specs:

• Intel Pentium-4 2GHz
• Motherboard Asus P4VPMX
• Kingston Memory 512MB PC-2700
• VGA Pixelview GeForce 6600GT (Forceware 77.77 WHQL drivers)
• Harddisk Seagate Barracuda 40GB 7200rpm
• Heatsink Fan Thermaltake Polo
• Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 2

When it crashed, I see the temperature ranged from 39 to 42 degrees Celsius. Is it normal? Sometimes the PC also crashed even when I use it for word processing. I wonder why.

There is a possibility the power supply is not good enough. Please check the voltage, for example, using Asus Probe software. Is it normal? It is possible that problems may occur from power supply power is not stable or does not meet the desired needs of the system.

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