Notebook hard drive upgrade

I want to upgrade my notebook hard drive. But I am still confused which is expandable up to what capacity. As an illustration, the specification of Acer Aspire 5552NWXMi notebook is Processor 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo, Memory 1.2GB, VGA integrated Intel GMA 950, Harddisk 60GB.

I wonder, my notebook hard drive can be upgraded is not it? If you can, what the maximum capacity I can give to the notebook with the above specifications? One more thing. This hard drive is now installed only has the speed 5400rpm. If I want to pair it with a 7200 rpm notebook hard drive, can it be? What impact that will occur later in the notebook?

Should be. You still can pair the notebook hard disk capacity of 120 or 160GB for example, in the notebook. Install the internal hard disk 2.5 "in the notebook is also not a problem. Try to check your notebook manual to confirm.

The good impact, your notebook's performance will be better because the operating system and applications can work / on-load faster than using a 5400rpm hard drive.

The bad impact, your notebook will be hotert since 7200rpm hard drives typically produce relatively temperature higher than 5400rpm hard drive. Another impact is the battery that becomes a little more extravagant as to rotate the disc as fast 7200rpm hard drive requires greater resources.

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