Strange Computer Behaviour

Something strange happens with my computer now. Dont know why, it doesn't want to be turn on? Each time it starts, I have done it many times. I usually turn on, turn off, and turn on-off again several times before it would go into Windows. If it can enter Windows at the firs try, it continues to restart and needs to be switch off-on again.

There are several steps you can do to find the problematic device in the computer.
• Have you tried to boot with the LiveCD? For example with a live CD Linux distribution, MiniPE, BartPE, or something? Try to boot using the live CD. If he succeeded in loading and the computer works normally, the possibility of hard disk or operating system on the hard drive that wedge boot process completed perfectly.

• Try checking your power supply. Is it still able to function properly? Voltage is normal? To check the voltage, usually in the BIOS there is information. If the voltage is far from the reference, it can cause. For example +12 V voltage was only 11.3 or 5V so it is only 4.6 so. Or try also its power supply on another computer, whether he was still able to work normally.

• Check your memory, too. Usually when using a memory with different types of compatibility problems at times like this when used in a certain period. Especially if the power supply and electric power supply is not stable. Also try cleaning the memory holder and slot.

• If the problem still there, your motherboard may have a problem.

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