Dual channel memory with large capacity

The memory installed on my computer right now is a pair of memory each 1GB. Of course, with the support dual-channel memory on the motherboard that I use, I can activate the dual-channel memory. Now I want to add more memory with a pair of memory that is not similar to an existing one. As for what I want to install a memory capacity of each 2GB. Well, what I wanted to ask if I was still able to enjoy the facility with a pair of dual channel 1GB memory and a pair of 2GB memory? One more thing. If I attach four memory chips with a total 6GB it, if any effect on computer performance? Please enlightenment, thanks.

In the latest chipset chipset-installation of two pairs of memory that each pair has a different capacity now no longer a problem. Unlike the early presence of the platform that supports dual-channel memory. For example, we've also done tests with the same case as you, ie two 1GB memory chips paired with two 2GB memory chips berchipset on Intel X38 motherboards and dual-channel system can work normally.

Noteworthy is, make sure the installation of the memory modules are in accordance with its canals each. 1GB memory paired with a partner in kanalnya a 1GB, and 2GB of memory as well. To find out 1 or 2 channel or channel A channel B, generally in the single channel current motherboard used alternately. But for sure, check the motherboard manual.

One other important thing is, make sure you use the operating system 64-bit. For example Windows XP Professional 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, or Windows Server series. If you only use the operating system 32-bit, the memory in your PC 4GB maximum only just legible.

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