Solid State Harddrive

We've been hearing about the availablility of a hard drive with new technologies. Solid state disk. What is that? What can be used to replace the hard drive? I mean, is used to install operating systems and their applications and to store data like a hard drive right now?

More less is like that. In the future SSD is positioned to replace traditional hard disk or a conventional hard drives commonly used today. SSD superiority was cooler at work, faster, more resistant or resilient shock because there are no moving parts in it, and more energy efficient, also because not much suck electricity to drive motors, optical or other components.

SSD technology, something like a flash drive. In terms of form, this new disk-shaped similar to the 2.5-inch hard drives used notebooks. Approximately the same thickness, and the interface is also used as SATA or PATA hard drives and notebook hard drives are common now.

In terms of performance, from some initial tests that have been published, SSD hard drive's performance had an absolute advantage over traditional hard disk, but in many areas, this new type of disk is superior.

Example of a notebook that already use SSDs as an internal store media is the Asus Eee PC, although the capacity of the still relatively small, averaging only 4GB. You see, until now, the price outside thereof sized 32GB SSD hard disk alone is still above 1000 U.S. dollars.

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