Problems in the Power Supply or what?

At home I use sun power supply 450 watts brand I've used about a year or more. My computer has Gigabyte motherboard, AMD Athlon XP processor 3000 +, 3 pieces of DDR memory, 2 optical drives, VGA ATI Radeon 9800Pro, 1 PATA drive and 1 SATA hard disk and 4 internal fan 4.

The problems that I experienced is that my current hard drive is often dropped. Like not detected by the system. VGA is also sometimes screw up when running heavy games. Well I wanted to ask is, if there is something wrong with my power supply? His lack of power or because I am a passive power supply (PFC)? Please enlightenment.

The most likely happen is the power supply is less qualified. Economical power supply as the sun has a very low efficiency. If written capable of delivering 450 watts of power, but usually less than that, and no real power or the results that can be output 450 watts.

For example, if the power supply could spend up to 400 watts of power, with low efficiency, economical power supply efficiency is less than 60 percent. In other words, power supply was on average only power capable of delivering approximately 200 to 250 watts only from the value written on it.

In your case, chances are less and the lack of such power supply is of course a voltage to drop and eventually the components installed on the computer is off or restart. Especially if you look at the specifications, your PC is a PC with specifications including weight.

If you want to replace the power supply, you should use that has the ability to deliver the power of 500 watts. Or at least 450 watts of real power. You see, power supply in general has a real power which is lower than the value listed in the body's power supply. Especially if the power supply economical version.

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