Playing game on notebook

Can you recommend a good first person shooter game? On my notebook, I'm playing Soldier of Fortune: Payback, but why the picture is broken? The notebook is using an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, 1GB memory, VGA Intel Express Chipset Family 256MB with Windows Vista operating system. What's wrong?

To be able to play FPS type games in the notebooks require a qualified VGA. Integrated VGA available in your notebook less support for it. In addition, 1GB of RAM already consumed for VGA 256MB relatively less for the Windows Vista operating system especially if you've played a heavy game. We recommend that you add your laptop main memory to 2GB or more.

Nothing that you can do for your notebook's VGA. If you want to play games with it, try to set the resolution and detail settings to a minimum. Have you tried Crysis or Doom 4?

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