Motherboard MSI K7N2 Delta Overclock

Is there a practical way, or tips for maximizing the overclocking on MSI K7N2 Delta motherboard? I use AMD AthlonXP (Barton) processor on the motherboard with a rating of 2800+ with VGA GeForce FX5200 and 512MB DDR memory. If I may know the settings for FSB, DRAM Ratio maximum and how?

Each component, although the brand and the same series have different abilities different overclock. There are no exact standards. But to find out to what extent the ability or the maximum point of the hardware (motherboard and processor we) so the easiest way is to raise the FSB. I think Barton core processor 2800 + FSB333 tuh street aka 166MHz. Usually the motherboard have automatic settings to move the clock to 3200 + processor, but certainly not 100% sure success.

Generally a processor with high multiplier like 2800+ we must lower the multiplier, and then try to raise the FSB to 200MHz processor (FSB400) to obtain the processor clock speed equal to the default condition of AMD AthlonXP (Barton) 3200 +. If you can walk and stable in it, try to raise the FSB step by step.

But if you have a locked multiplier processor, the only option is to raise the FSB was only little by little from 166MHz. Try to 170MHz first, then if all OK, raise again. Increase them per 5MHz until reaching the maximum point.

How high is the maximum value itself depends on many things. Besides the processor,
motherboard and RAM, PSU is often also a supporter of success or failure of this overclocking process. Similar specifications and identical, not necessarily to produce the same final score.

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