How to Make LCD Monitor Lasts Longer?

How is the right treatment for an LCD monitor? Does the LCD monitor ok if we switched them on for 24 hours non stop? Is using screensaver or power management settings effective to make it survive much longer? I often leave the computer on for days in standby condition.

Yesterday I bought a new LG LCD monitors L177wsb and I use it to play games all day. I want to test the extent of its power. The next day there was white dots (dead pixels). What's going on? The monitor is brand new. Am I use it the wrong way, or is the problem is on the product? Yesterday, I anly play games using the monitor for 16 hours, not 24 hours non stop. In fact, if I left the monitor, the screensaver and power saver settings the monitor is on. Please input.

Unfortunately yes, LCD monitor is like that. There is always possibility you got the bad product even wituh well-known manufacturer. But the condition you experienced is relatively rare.

Special care it does not exist. Lit 24 hours nonstop is also no problem, just a good idea, if you're idle or abandoned, just set it to automatically monitor standby power management through the setting.

Making the monitor into standby mode much more useful than just run a screensaver as the screensaver still activates certain areas of the monitor. Especially if you like you who often leave the computer on for days.

If you look at your case, it seems that defects in the monitor. Switch it to where you bought it. Moreover, you have just use it for 1 day.

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