Harddisk Causing Problems

I just bought a used hard drive, a Maxtor brand hard drive with capacity of 40GB. I've tried to install, but not detected. I have the data cable plug in the slave position, and I also set the jumper on cable select position. My power cable is correctly plugged for sure. Proved when turned on, there was a sign of vibration motor in it. Why is it a ittle hot? Also why not detected?

Try your hard drive set to master first. Single pairs only (without the second hard disk or slave). Once activated, check if the hard drive can still be detected or not? Your motherboard do support the hard drive above 8.4GB or 36GB right?

Unfortunately you do not mention the motherboard chipset used. But the latest motherboard chipset is usually no longer have the problem. If still not detected, too, probably the hard drive is not functioning.

If the heat is from the power cable, there may be a loose power cable or something. Please check again thek cables. If the hard drive is hot, it was generally because the disk was also issued a high enough temperature when you're working.

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