Buying a Used Harddisk

I have plans to buy a hard disk. Please give me some tips on how to select a used har ddisk.

To buy a used hard disk, the tips are simple. We recommend you not to choose a used hard disk. Why? Your data such as theses, office duties, or other important documents would cost much more than the price of the hard disk, correct?

Risk of damage or loss of data will be higher than if they were stored on a new hard drive that is relatively new and has just passed the quality control section from the manufacturer.

Unless you buy used hard disk just for storing data or temporary files that are not so valuable, that's fine.

If the decision was final, still want to buy a used hard disk, the tips are:
- select a relatively new hard drive
- select a well known brand
- select a hard disk that is new on the market. If its broken, the parts for cannibalizing the hard drive is widely available.
- If you can buy a used drive which still covered by warranty, its much more better.

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