DDR and DDR2 memory

What is the difference between DDR1 with DD2 memory? Why the price of DDR1 memory is more expensive than the price of DDR2 memory? I use a computer using DDR1. Can I use DDR2 memory there?

The difference between DDR1 and DDR2 memory are:
- In the chip production process. DDR2 memory is manufactured with better technology, can be set at a higher clock than DDR1 chips, and consume less power. This makes DDR2 memory chip runs cooler while working at standard clock.

- For the memory modules, the notch positions of DDR1 and DDR2 is different. DDR2 is a little bit towards the middle while DDR1 is slightly towards the edge.

DDR1 memory prices are more expensive because the law of supply and demand. DDR1 memory production has decreased. Some manufacturers have even stopped making DDR1 memory, while demand is still there. This makes the price more expensive. DDR2 memory is much much produced for current PC systems generally use either DDR2 memory for AMD or Intel. Thus, with a considerable amount and level of market demand as well as, the price could be more economical than DDR1.

If the motherboard you have slots for DDR1 and DDR2 memory, can. But first off all his DDR1 memory if you want to install DDR2 memory that can not work together. Must be one. If the motherboard was only available slot for DDR1, can not.

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