Is Windows 10 Update is Worthed?

Currently I use Windows 7 in my computer. I have no plan to upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1. But now the Internet is full of news of Windows 10. Is the OS good? Is it worthed to replace my good old Windows 7?

Now the Windows 10 is not the final version, so the features might be a little different from the RTM version, later. But, from the technical preview that everybody is talking, the OS is quite good. Very good if compared to Windows 8 series.

It is a major improvement especially from the design, settings, Windows applications and how you work with your computer. If you use Windows 7, you will be familiar with Windows 10, but with more updated look and feel that will simplify how you interact with your computer.

Before you upgrade, seek and read about Windows 10 for yourself. Read what the insiders who've been testing it have to say. Learn what you can, then you can make the decision for yourself. You don't have to upgrade right away.

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