AMD Powered Notebook in Indonesian Market

Hi. In a near future, I want to buy a new notebook, replacing my old Acer Aspire 4315 with Celeron M 560 processor. But this time, I want to go to the one with AMD processor. Which models should I choose? Of course, it has to be the one that available in Indonesian market :)

There are many notebook SKU's from different manufacturers that using AMD solution, in Indonesian market. Here are some of them:

- Asus X550ZE. It's a mainstream product that has an option of the latest AMD FX CPU. This is fast.
- Asus N551ZU. This one is the multimedia series from Asus. It also used the AMD FX processor.
- MSI GX60 3CC Destroyer. One of the best gaming notebook using a fast AMD CPU and GPU.
- HP Pavilion 15-P229AX. This one is also a mainstream notebook from HP. But the design is quite nice.
- Acer Aspire E5-551. Like the MSI GX60, this model is also a gaming notebook with the latest AMD A10 processor.
- Lenovo IdeaPad Z40-75. This also a gaming notebook based on Kaveri with AMD A10-7300 APU. The same with MSI and Acer.

If you want the highest performance, you can go with ASUS X550ZE or N551ZU since both of them using AMD FX processors.

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