How to Make a Website on First Page of Google Search Result

I have a new website. If possible, I want it to showed on the first pages of Google search result. What should I do so my website can get to the top of the list?

There are many things to do. For content, make sure you provide good information and knowledge to the visitor and keep updating the website with new information. This way, visitors can keep coming to your website and maybe shared your website to their friends and community.

The contents also needs to be unique, so when Google crawlers scan your website, it will find the website is interesting and put them on their search result. Think also about your website design. Make it beautiful.

Secondly, keywords. Your website needs to have a lot of good keywords, related to your posts on your pages but not overused them so it won't look like a spam. Use the currently popular keywords (and also content) to your posts.

Provide links to your website. If you have Facebook page or Twitter account with many followers, post your website's URL so it can drive traffic to your website and drive it to the top of the search result.

Run Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can do it yourself (there are a lot of SEO tools on the web), or you can hire someone to do it for you. Good luck!

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