Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 vs Intel Atom Z3580

I'm going to buy a new smartphone and one of the most important performance, other than the price, is the processing performance. Currently I'm considering either Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 or Intel Atom Z3580. From the price performance point of view, which one is the better one?

Snapdragon 810 is currently the flagship CPU from Qualcomm. It is a quad core 64-bit processor with 1,96GHz. Combined with Adreno 430 GPU runs at 650MHz, the processor supports dual channel LPDDR4 RAM.

On the other hand, Atom Z3580 is the top of the line chip from Intel for smartphone and tablet. It also offers quad core 64-bit capability and running at the higher clock speed, which is 2,33GHz. The CPU is combined with PowerVR Rogue G6430 at the speed of 533MHz. It also supports dual channel memory but only LPDDR3.

From the performance point of view, using Geekbench apps, for single-core, Snapdragon 810 reached 1144 score, while Atom Z3580 managed to get 1019 points. For multi core performance, the Qualcomm's solution managed to reach 4345 points while Intel one received 3349 score.

For the price points, smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is a top class super premium expensive priced device. Smartphone with Intel Atom Z3580 is only a mid-high end smartphone only at half of the price. So, it's clear now, right?

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