Which one is Better, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

Nowadays there are so many browser that we can use to browse the world wide web. But to get the best experience, which one is better. Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome browser?

Actually there is no one preferred web browser over the other. I have installed both on my computer besides other browsers such as Opera and of course Internet Explorer, but I mostly use these two.

There is actually no ideal browser for everything and each browser has its advantages and disadvantages. I think Chrome is good at running flash embedded videos while my Firefox crashes sometimes or it won't even load the video and show "there is some problem" error message.

For regular users I recommend Chrome. It's simple and there is no need to figure out how to update Flash player. Which novice computer users never do. Because downloading the update then installing the update from the website is too difficult.

If you like tweaking the browser and having more options. Firefox is the better choice. By itself Firefox isn't the best. It's the add-ons and about:config that make it great.

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