Best GSM Operator

What is the best GSM or CDMA operator for internet connection? Is there any recommendation, either for 3G, HSPA, or 4G maybe?

For cellular operator, either GSM or CDMA who give the best internet connectivity or experience to the user is differ from case by case. It's largely depends on the user's location, network situation and utilization. You cant say that the X brand of operator is better than Y one. Or the Z one is the worst, because in other areas, they can be different.

If you need to have the best provider for your wireless internet connection via GSM or CDMA operator, you have to try them one by one and see which one is the best for you. Of course, not every operator provides 4G or even 3,5G services in your area. But still, you have to do 'trial and error' for it. There is a saying in this field that is: "Position determined achievement".

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