The Best ASUS Notebook Model

In the near future, I want to buy a notebook to help me to get my work done. I have made my choice and I will pick an ASUS notebook. But the problem is, there is so many series they have, such as the U, N, G, A, and not to mention the Eee series. Which one is your recommendation?

The answer is depend on your requirement. Those letters describes which segment the notebook series aimed at. For example, if you are a mobile user, very often travelled to many places, you can choose models from the U series because notebooks in this series have slim design and lightweight. If you are a user who also want to use the notebook for entertainment, such as playing full HD video, listening to great music, you can pick from the N series. If you are the gaming user, choose the G series. The A or K series is for those who need a plain notebook for daily usage. The Eee PC is for those who need a very compact size portable computer to accompany them, traveling. There is one more series, which is the X series. Notebooks from this series is the best one, in terms of the price point.

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