Boot Problem on Windows XP CD

I have a Compaq Presario notebook with Windows XP that I want to re-install the OS. The problem is, when I try to boot from Windows CD, the system failed to do that. I have set the BIOS so the first boot device is the CD drive. Everytime I put the CD and boot, up to the message "Please Wait, Windows is expecting your hardware configuration", the system goes blank. Nothing happens.

I have tried other Windows XP CD but the problem still occurs. What's wrong with my notebook?

That kind of problem occurs when you try to install an OS from a damaged CD, whether it's dirty or contain some scratch. Try installing the OS with a good condition CD.

Your problem may also be caused by the CD-ROM drive. The optical parts might be dirty or weak.

Try disabling all the onboard devices on your notebook such as network, wlan, modem, sound, etc. Sometimes it can help.

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