About Wireless LAN

Can we connect two notebooks (that have a wi-fi facilities) to each other like two PCs using a wired LAN? Or can we connect a notebook that has a wi-fi facilities to a PC, other without using RJ45 LAN cable or using wireless LAN?

Sure you can. You only have to choose the configuration, whether you going to use  Ad Hoc (also called peer to peer connection, direct connect without the mediation of the router) or you would like to use Infrastructure Mode (connecting to a wireless network Access Point).
In Windows OS the Wireless Zero Config) there are three options, namely:
• Any avaiable network (access point prefered)
• Access point (infrastructure) networks only
• Computer to computer (ad hoc) networks only

Depends on your situation, what kind of wireless network you have. You have to try and see what’s the best for your working environment.

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