Splitter for ADSL internet

About a month ago, I use ADSL at home. But I still dont use the device whiche the technician gave me along with the modem, and I think it is a splitter. I also got a phone and a fax machine which I will use along the ADSL modem. My  questions are:

Is there any negatif effect if I don't use the splitter (all of the device such as modem, phone, and fax is paralleled). Without the splitter, I think there is noise when I use the phone. Next, how can I install a fax if I use the splitter? Is it parallel with the phone or with the ADSL modem? is there any other way? Last question, can you share a tip how to make browsing more efficient (without consuming too much bandwidth)?

The function of a splitter is to split the digital and analog data. ADSL modem is a device for digital data transmission and phone is for analog data. This is where Splitter works. In addition, the splitter is useful for reducing noise from the phone line.

Splitter itself usually installed parallel to the phone. In the main phone cable. Then, from the splitter there are two ports. One for the modem, and another for a phone or fax machine. If you want to install the fax, it can not install the phone as well. You must select one.

If you dont install a splitter, the effect is your phone or fax machine can not be used in conjunction with your ADSL connections. Certainly, it will not damage the phone or fax machine, because there's no other effect.

If not using splitters and perform manual parallel between the modem and telephone, the telephone conversation would be very disturbed by the noise from the modem. You have to talk out loud so your voice can be heard clearly by the other person.

About saving bandwidth quota? There's a lot of way. But the most important of all is of course your behavior in the way you surf. Because no matter how fast or how much your bandwidth quota you got, if you have no intention to lower your internet activity, it will never enough. That's why more and more users prefer unlimited internet access, because of the flat rate and no bandwidth consumption limitation.

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