Scandisk at Windows Millenium

How can I stop Scandisk at Windows Millenium that always starts everytime I boot my PC? For your information, it begins some time ago when my PC crash and I had to reset the computer. After that, the Scandisk problems start.

I have scan my computer with Norton Disk Doctor, and it said there is no problem with my PC. And when I shut down, the computer is normal. But after the boot process, the Scandisk keeps running again and again.

If I let the Scandisk runs, it can consumes more than a day without finishing the scanning process (I got a 60GB capacity harddisk). Once I run the Scandisk at 9 o'clock in the morning and the process ends at 10 o'clock in the next morning. What's wrong?

To avoid Scandisk, type msconfig atat Start>Run menu. After the Configuration Utility window pops out, klik Advanced on the General tab. After that, give a mark next to the option "Disable scandisk after bad shutdown."

That should end your problem.

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