PC Problems

I have some questions regarding my PC:
1. I have a 40GB harddisk, split into four and all of them contains data. Can I create new partiotion without loosing the data?
2. I use Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows XP Windows 98 runs faster, but why is it has more problems? According to Sisoft Sandra, the AGP rate is not optimum. There is no problem at XP.
3. If image loading is slow when playing games, is the problem on the graphic cards or the memory?
4. At Chaintech K7VJDA, my processor temperature's goes up to 51-56 degree Celcius. According to Sisoft Sandra, it is too high. Is it? What do I have to do? FYI, I use Athlon XP 1600+ and the fan rotates at 6550rpm. Do I need extra cooling?

1. Yes, you can use Partition Magic
2. Try updating the VGA driver
3. The problemis on the graphic card
4. For your processor, the temperature is still in normal range. But if you want your processor lasts longer, you can put a better cooling. You can also add some more intake or exhaust fan on your PC case.

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