Difference Between Core 2 Duo and Dual Core

I wonder what is the difference between dual-core processor and Core 2 Duo. Is it just a marketing strategy from Intel?

Previously, it means that dual core processors means the processor has two cores or dual core. An example is like a series of Pentium D and Core Duo or Core 2 Duo from Intel and AMD Athlon64 X2.

As for naming, the Core brand is used by Intel to replace the "Pentium" brand which is not being used anymore.

So, after they launched Core processor, and continued with its second generation, the Core 2 series, was like the Pentium and continued by Pentium II, and so on.

Duo processor means that the processor uses two cores (dual core). If it only uses one core, called a Core 2 Solo, while the processor with four cores called Core 2 Quad.

Intel's dual core processors have started their own at the end of the era Pentium processor called the Pentium D.

Technically, Intel claims that Core 2 Duo is more efficient power up to 40 percent compared with its predecessor dual core processors and also to perform 40 percent faster. In addition, the L2 cache also larger equipped with the latest technology, if no one is smart cache, which makes performing so much better.

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