DDR2 667 motherboard fitted with DDR2 800 memory

I have DFI Infinity Ultra2 motherboard. Manual said that it supports DDR2 667MHz memory or DDR2 PC-5300. Can I put DDR2 PC-6400 there? Because have read somewhere that there is a DDR2 667 Mushkin memory (XP2) which has the ability to work in the PC-6400 (800MHz).

I dont think there is a problem with it. Only, your memory still works at PC-5300. Unless this memory is set to overclock at the BIOS. Even though actually the memory modules is not overclocked.
For example, I use Kingston DDR 333MHz, running at 500MHz with the stock 2.6v vDIMM. Still pretty cool.

As long as you have backup, or spare memory modules, it is fine with that. Broken memory modules will not ruins your data in the harddrive, only the current data which you still working on when the memory died. Some memory vendors give lifetime warranty for the modules. As long as it still being produced, you're save. Anyway, overclocking DDR PC-5300 to PC-6400 is not an extreme thing.

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