AGP 4x and AGP 8x

I got a very old PC with Pentium III 933MHz and Asus TUSL2-C motherboard. For the graphics, I use Riva TNT2 32MB. A friend of mine still has a GeForce-4 MX 4000 or Radeon 9550 but they are an AGP 8x graphic cards.
The questions are, can the AGP 8x cards be used on the motherboard which only supports AGP 4x? Which one is the better?

You can replace the cards with your friend’s cards if you want. But why? You will not get a performance boost because the graphic cards will only run at 4x speed on your motherboard.

But if you really want to upgrade your system, try Radeon 9600 or above or GeForce FX5700 or above if you can find them. Beside the performance is quite good, they also support DirectX 9.

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