Windows always restart after changing RAM

I got ECS P4VXASD2 motherboard. It has 2 slots DDR-SDRAM and 2 slots SDRAM. Previously I used 128MB CL3 SDRAM with 8 IC on it. But after I replace the memory with 256MB CL 2,5 DDR with 8IC, the operating system sometimes crashed without finishing the boot process. Some other times, it restarts when the boot process is showing the Windows logo.

For your information, I use Windows XP Service Pack 1, with Intel Celeron 1,8GHz processor.

Clearly, memory is the source of the problem. Replace the memory to the store where you bought it with a new one. But if you still curious, try unplug everything from optic drive, secondary harddisk, add on cards, etc and leave only processor, memory, VGA, and primary harddisk installed.

Another solution, after you turn on the PC, get in to the BIOS and use optimized default setting.

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