PC-2100 memory not working on KT600 motherboard

I've just bought Samsung PC-2100 1GB memory module for my PC. But on two motherboards I have, which is ECS KT600-A and Gigabyte GA-7VT600, it's not working. When I use other Samsung PC-2100 memory with has 512MB capacity, it's only detected on BIOS, but the system failed to enter Windows XP operating system.

Previously, I used 256MB PC-3200 memory on each motherboards and everything runs normal. What's wrong?

What processor do you have? Maybe your Sempron or Barton have problem with FSB:Memory Clock divider. PC2100 memory runs at 133MHz by default, and Sempron or Barton run at 166MHz. Some Barton's run at 200MHz.

You have to set the divider manually so they can work. Or after you place the memory, enter the BIOS and set everything to default (Auto) and then save and exit.

Check again is the PC-2100 memory you got is an ECC module which perhaps your motherboard does not support.

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