Can I use LGA 775 Motherboard?

The motherboard on my PC is broken. It has Asus P4P800 motherboard with Intel 865PE chipset, and socket 478 Pentium-4 3GHz with HyperThreading. After I search online stores that sell computer hardware, they no longer sell socket 478 motherboard. Is it that hard to find? Can I use LGA 775 motherboard?

Too bad you can not use LGA 775 motherboard because the processor you got is based on socket 478. Unless you also upgrade the processor.

But to my knowledge, there are some ECS motherboard that by putting the cards they made (if not mistaken, the card's name is SIMA Card), the motherboard can be used for different processor socket. Surely the processor to be plugged in the SIMA Card.

The problem is I'm not sure what there is of SIMA Card Intel socket LGA 775 to 478 or vice versa. Yesterday was what I saw if not one of the motherboard can be fitted LGA 775 processor socket 754 and LGA 775 motherboards to mobile socket 479 processors. Try searching it on the Internet or at the ECS site. There may be a more complete description of the other series of the SIMA Card. In addition to ECS, Asrock also have that kind of motherboard.

Another option if you do not want to switch the processor to the motherboard 775 is to use a second or Refurbish, or the stock remaining in the distributor.

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