Building a computer for server

I want to make a computer for server. What is the minimum for server specification that supports up to 20 client? Currently I have Celeron 2,2GHz, 512MB RAM, and a GeForce MX4000 VGA.

The processor you have is not suitable for server. If you want use regular Intel desktop processors, at least use the Pentium processor 2.4 GHz upward. If you want to make a streaming media server, try using Xeon processors. Use the most inexpensive series is sufficient enough, or if you want to go for a more inexpensive, go for Opteron processor.

In addition, if you want to share this video, do not use a 10/100 switch, but use the switch and the client 100/1000 also use the 100/1000 NIC also. Because video files are not to be a data stream with intensity and high speed than real time. So its like comparing a big truck running on the road compared with the same big truck but running on the highway.

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