The best linux distro for my computer

I have a computer with Pentium-II 400MHz, 2MB VGA card, and 1.6 GB hard drive size. I want to install Linux on this computer. Which Linux distribution is suitable for this computer?

How much is the main memory of that PC? Anyway, try install Vector. I use Vector 5.0 SOHO on a PC with a Pentium-II 400, 64MB memory, 2.1 GB hard drive using IceWM desktop. For word processing, I use Abi Word.

Devices such as floppy, optical drives, and flash disk, all detected gracefully, auto mount, just a click away. The only problem is it doesn't detect the ISA 3COM LAN Card that I use.

If you want to try another Linux distribution, try deh Deli Linux, or Rock Linux. He can be installed on a PC with MMX-class processor or Macintosh.

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